What The Heck Were They Thinking? Worst Dressed From The 2015 AMVCAs

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The much anticipated Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs) 2015 has been likened to Hollywood Oscars and for an event of such nature where most socialites fought tooth and nail to get an invite, one could only expect everyone to show up looking glamorous but what do we know.

The AMVCAs which is known as one of  the biggest awards nights in Africa saw a couple of celebrities and socialites slay it fashionable on the red carpet but just like they say the red carpet is a fashion test and while so many passed in flying colors others failed woefully.

We just had to find a place in our hearts to forgive some of the worst dressed of the night for doing such injustice to our sights, BUT we will let them know how they got it all wrong.

Checkout our worst dressed from the 2015 edition of AMVCA.

Kendra Etufunwa 360nobs #AMVCA2015 AMVCA
Kendra Etufunwa

We are sure a day will come that you will look back and see the injustice you have done with this piece of clothing. Not sure if it’s even OK to call this a piece of clothing because it so does’t qualify to be called that. What explanation can you give for showing up like this? This outfit is so unpleasant, the plunging neckline on that body spells out awful, the make-up and hair couldn’t even salvage the situation.

Adunni Ade 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015
Adunni Ade

When I googled Adunni Ade, what popped out was model and actress so I got myself to believe that this outfit was for a photo shoot at the beach and not for this prestigious event. It is cool to want to channel some Hollywood stars with our looks but when we don’t do it right then it becomes a major flop. This outfit looks to us like a sheer beachwear worn over a swimming suit and it is so not appropriate for the occasion.

Susan Peters 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015
Susan Peters

Dear Lord, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when this beauty walked past me looking drab. Susan is a pretty lady and I’m certain that dress would have made it without that cape and ruffles (I love to call feathers)… I mean, was she planning to fly pass the crowd? lol…or maybe she believed there were going to be mosquitoes at the event hence the protection net (cape). This outfit left our hearts shattered, this is the true meaning of disaster.


I don’t know who this is personally but with the way she kept escorting people to receive an award during the event made me realize that she just might have convinced herself that she looks good enough for the stage. I will save you all the close-up pictures but this dress is a disaster, it’s unflattering, looks like she didn’t get enough support with the bra she choose and that hair defines messy in it’s true meaning.

Alex Ekubo 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015
Alex Ekubo

The minute I set my eyes on this puzzle  sorry I meant Alex, I knew what list he belonged to. Overtime He has constantly remained one of the best dressed men in Nollywood but this outfit for such a night as AMVCAs is unforgivable.

This was the only thing that crossed my mind when I saw Alex Ekubo
Yvonne Vixen Ekwere 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015
Yvonne Vixen Ekwere

Yvonne Vixen will never have had any business with this list if she had just kept it simple. The dress had a lot of things going for it. The cape, roses at the bottom part and the funny style at the upper part of this dress just isn’t right.

Yaw 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015

Imagine how much sense this outfit would have made if the pant was longer and the jacket was two shades darker then this gentleman would have found himself among the fashionable men of the night. I have consoled myself with the fact that Yaw didn’t seem to have made adequate planning for this event… perhaps He got a last minute invite. We know you are supposed to be a comedian but this ain’t funny at all.

Denrele Edun 360nobs AMVCA #AMVCA2015
Denrele Edun

Denrele has always been a drama king with his bizarre looks but for the AMVCAs 2015 not a lot of people expected him to show up in this fishing net he calls a dress. What’s with the face mask, gray braids and those horrible looking shoes? Everything put together looks like an Indian attire gone bad.




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