What Is The Right Amount Of Sex To Get You Pregnant?

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Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye recently revealed they have been having sex as much as 500 times just for a second baby, but is that the right amount of sex or it’s less?

The truth about such situation is that getting on IT several times a day is no guarantee for conceiving. The guideling for couples with no fertility issue is to have sex as frequent as possible because this keeps the guy’s sperm fresh and healthy.

But in a case where there is a fertility issue like a problem with the man’s sperm count, couples are advised to have sex once every two or three days which gives a man the opportunity to build up the best quality & quantity of sperm.

FREQUENT SEX is the right amount of sex for ladies hoping to get pregnant. This is because going for more than six days without action can cause the man to ejaculate older or even dead sperm which are totally useless when it comes to conceiving.


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