Villagers Wash Their Village After Jonathan Campaigns There

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After President Goodluck Jonathan campaigned in Daura, Katsina State which also happens to be the hometown of main rival, General Muhammadu Buhari, the villagers took to the streets in full force to clean up the town.

In the photo, even water tankers can be seen employed for the task.




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  1. And this act was carried by who? some myopic, intellectually incapacitated bunch that are with the APC, they can continue with their blind support of buhari, these are sentimental and tribalism acts displaying.

  2. Ungrateful human being after all what President Jonathan have done for this people, their are acting in this manner. Maybe they want to remain in their backwardness.

  3. Their puppet master, Buhari, have put them into work again. If they like they should scrape off the tar from the road it won’t stop Jonathan from defeating Buhari.

  4. I see them as ungrateful, for they are to dumb to see that GMB will not in 10 years do what GEJ has done for them.

  5. this goes to show how retarded and uncivil they are no wonder Buhari is that daft a pear tree can never bear tomatoes as fruits

  6. With all sincerity, right sense of judgment and alacrity, I want to advice the people of Kastina State to act wisely. They are spoiling their future achievements.

  7. this is very silly.. i wonder who sponsored or thought of this rubbish act…i mean, that water could be very useful to lots of persons.. why the waste?

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