Video Review: ‘Sade’ By AdekunleGold Is Superb, And We Hope For A Massive Follow-up

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Superb video, especially as it hovers around an African theme, with indigenous lyricism and whatnot. But when we see Adekunle’s love interest on this, we get all the more confused as she bears not the ideal look of the regular African bride. Maybe I’m not as fashionable but her outlooks are so artificial it casts a shade of doubt on the customarily appropriate tone the singer creates for the song. From her hair to her eyes and earrings, everything is just one overdone, unnatural mélange; a blot of sorts on the costuming of this Adasa Cookey shoot. On the 00:50 mark, there’s a third party –a lady apparently vying for the singer’s attention– and as ‘Sade’ gets up and out we spot her tattoo, a sight discordant (paling in comparison) with the sweet, mellow cruise of this African tune. She forces through this to show sexiness that is grotesque at best, earning the second lady a better chance at making something romantic thrive with the man.






Great storyline still, but when we crunch the numbers we see how the overall beauty of the visual is blemished by resource constraints. The video isn’t detailed in many aspects. Adekunle looks like a great storyteller who lacks the means to express himself on the cut owing to the short, nondescript scenes off Adasa’s directing.



The part ‘Sade’ walks out of a random, next door neighbor’s that they intend to make us believe is a hospital is unacceptable by many standards, especially seeing as the ‘Doctor’ is the look-alike of a rascal, with his popped collar. It reveals a tiring inattention to details, not after the team can put together a restaurant-lounge mise-en-scene, clinking champagne glasses, shiny dress and suits, amongst other things.



Adekunle is good. His effort on this is creative, and I won’t pretend that I don’t look forward to hearing something new from him. This is only a One Direction cover (for the song “Story Of My Life”), and if dude is really worth his salt as I hear, then he will prove it with a massive follow-up to this. For now though, all we have is a superb single that flourishes under the aegis of an already established material. Nothing exactly original.







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