Video Review: ‘Collabo’ By PSquare Is Nothing Extraordinary

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The duo of PSquare finally serves us the long awaited visuals to Collabo, and they have Don Jazzy on it, with Clarence steering ship.



The trio is lost in thoughts and at different points there are reflections of them drowning in the pool that is their lustful illusions of the lady. On her part she plays to script, switching between the girl of each man’s dreams and the office lady that eludes all three at different points of the show.



The concluding scene where she tires out on seeing a stack of paper work, calls on all three men and then splits the stack between them is all shades of funny. Jazzy and the twins appear, each carrying a bunch of flowers, but they are in for a rude awakening as it is not the cozy, romantic evening each envisaged.





The video is rich in aspects of costume and location, but nothing really worth applauding seeing as they had to travel to South Africa for a scenery they could very easily have achieved in Nigeria.



Again, as much as we love the Oscar-produced hit; we watch this and we see a visual representation that, though doesn’t exactly contrast with the audio, doesn’t sync with its lyrical make up. We listen to the tape and hear talks of them going to Monaco, and we want to let the part of them not having shot any bit of it there slide, but then seeing their wont to shooting in SA and it irks; as it clearly doesn’t add up.



There is nothing different, beautiful and/ or crisp about this. It is easy to watch and relate to, yes, but there aren’t intricate aspects of it that make us yearn to watch again. No real depth or imagination from Clarence, he just gets on set and quick-fixes an all-too-ordinary flick. We aren’t surprised at him though. After seeing him skid off on the visual of several majors a la Mme Mme and Alobam by Phyno, to name a few; we are convinced he isn’t the answer to our video insufficiencies in Nigeria today.



But in truth, convinced or not that Clarence could lapse in creativity, it is painful how much he never tries new grounds, or steps any far away from his already too popular models.



Collabo is a good video, with all the star presence on it it should rake in the views, it should add to the numbers and whatnot, even though in all we think of it as nothing extraordinary upon first view, maybe prosaic upon a second view and then nothing more afterwards.









Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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  1. P square u guys are d best…u all can say wateva u wanna say about d video…but dey are still d best in nigeria. Take it or leave it….#shekini

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