[VIDEO] #FactsOnly With Osagie Alonge – The State Of Hip-Hop In Nigeria And Reminisce “Local Rappers”

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Earlier on, we put out an opinion piece on the Reminisce-Local Rapper situation, especially as it has a pervasive effect on our music industry today particularly in aspects of hip hop and rapping in the mother tongue.



This week, big time Entertainment reporter and editor, Osagie Alonge, brings us something new. Well, not exactly new seeing as this issue has hovered on our music fabric for some time all year. Anyways, on the Facts Only series this week, Osagz spotlights rapper Reminisce and the whole new buzz surrounding the Local Rapper discourse.



That said; sit back, grab a drink and enjoy this –


Stay with us next week for something just as refreshing. Peace!

Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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