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At an APC event last night titled “An Evening For Nigeria”, the governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, blamed the FCMB-Lekki robbery on the President’s visit to the State, saying it resulted in insufficient armed Policemen on the Lekki area.



At the event last night at Intercontinental Hotel, the governor made statements on the petroleum sector and mismanagement, the PDP and its rulership, and the vulnerability of the citizens on the day in Lekki; saying the robbery was successful “because Jonathan was coming to Lagos, [and] all the vehicles and police in Lagos were sent to be on standby for him, and there were not enough (policemen) to stop the robbery at [the] Ikoyi-Lekki link bridge.”



President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola.
President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola.






The robbery occurred yesterday just before 5pm; with at least 12 men successfully robbing an FCMB branch at Plot B, Waterfront Plaza, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, and killing 4 persons in the process. The gang operated in a movie-like attack, with all the precision of a Swiss timepiece.



The robbers –dressed in military camouflage– were said to have hit the scene through the waters, with the aid of a speedboat. They stopped vehicular and pedestrian movements on the road for some time, opened fire eventually, leaving 4 dead.



The entire staff of the bank played ball which ensured there was no casualty of any sort in there. The deaths occurred outside the bank premises, the felled Policemen being security details attached to a Coaster bus. In the ensuing shootout, a teenage girl was struck and she passed instantly.



An image of the banking hall after the robbery.
An image of the banking hall after the robbery.



Witnesses say the gunshots were “multiple”, “sporadic”, and “haphazard”. Others say the little-over-30minutes attack was carefully-planned and carried out.



Investigations have it that the shootout broke out between Policemen and the robbers around Admiralty Way and on the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge, obviously following the casualties of the day in which 3 Policemen and a teenage girl hawking fishes on the axis were killed.



The footage below says this of the attack:

“The armed gunmen came, hacked the bank, we see glasses on the floor there *she points*, and then they took to the streets… and shot indiscriminately. And in that shoot, hit a young teenage girl selling fish on the street.”





Kayode Aderanti, the Lagos state commissioner of police, who visited the affected FCMB branch says the police are assessing the incident, as he promised that the gang would be nabbed.



No arrests have been made. We hope this doesn’t go unattended to as have been previous bank heists in the State.



Images and Videos: Web, Naij, SaharaTV, Youtube.com









Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. Please can i hear Gov. Fashola well. So because of ordinary visit, you cannot manage security in a state within one circuit, and you are blaming GEJ over boko haram on Election or his inability to handle security in Nigeria. If you were given the Presidency is that what you will be telling Nigerians. Please tell him to check himself if his still in good health or he just make that statement in Error.

    1. U be mumu, is fashola in charge of the military ni. Especially when the president himself is in lagos attached with too much security like say e dey borno state

  2. I wonder if this is what he will say to the families of the dead. How many policemen do you need to repel a 12 man robbery gang????? I am disappointed at such a statement. The policemen that arrived 15mins after the robbery,did they come from the presidential escorts???

  3. If u re truly a youth u shud be ashamed of urself to eva take side of GEJ look at aw tins re so tough in d country ppl can barely feed dollar has gone so high ppl can no longer import articles for nau d general prices of goods av gone high He said agriculture has improved aw? Wen beans is nau 200 naira for a derica before GEJ became president beans was 60 naira nau 200 wen eva he talks abt agriculture I go crazy look at d price of rice goin high every day. Employment zero it’s only fools dat support GEJ dats al I see Cus dis is madness of d highest Oda

  4. Imagine GEJ has d most private jets and yet he said we dnt av money nt only dat d most annoying of all is GEJ borrowed 4 trillion naira all my life I only had of trillion wen I was stil a child last month I had trillion and dis trillion we re talking abt was borrowed to fight against Boko haram and d Nigeria army still says ” we rent equipped” d money Babangida borrowed we avnt still paid back it’s nau dis one dat we will pay only God will see us tru

  5. I pity this country. Even though, Fashola has a point in blame Good luck for the excuse that a lot of security personnel were absent from the area during and after the robbery, i still blame the General way, in which security is being handled in the country in general. Apart from armed personel chasing robbers, we ought to have a better security grid in place. not only in high brow areas, but virtually, round the state.
    Wen robbers or sumthing goes wrong, in an area, or in a bank, distress calls ought to be automatically sent to the police, and ultimately SARS. Constant poloce communications should be going on , into order to be able to track down their whereabouts.
    Thats why radios and scanners are being used by the police. I pray, crime, and senseless murders stops in this country.

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