Ukranian Politician Dumps Wife For Posting Sexy Selfies Online [PHOTOS]

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Some men don’t like sharing the prized possessions, and that seemed to be the case with Ukranian politician Aleksandr Politukha, who dumped his wife over her selfie habit.

His wife, 32-year old Alena, was fond of posting sensual selfies on the internet, which according to reports alienated her husband.

After he left her, Alena posted this message online:

“I am having a difficult time in my life at the moment.
“I am a mother. My husband and I have a son together. We have been married for 10 years.Suddenly my husband left home without any explanation at the end of the last year.
“He left me and our son without any livelihood or means of supporting ourselves.”

See the marriage-destroying selfies below!

Ukrainian-beauty-9-245x300 Ukrainian-beauty-5-265x300



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