Trial Reveals Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Made Over $16 Million

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The trial between the Marvin Gaye family and Robin Thicke has revealed details about the success of the hit song, Blurred Lines.

Both sides agree with an accounting statement that attributes $16,675,690 in profits for Blurred Lines, which was the biggest hit of 2013.

According to testimony, $5,658,214 went to Thicke, $5,153,457 was given to Pharrell Williams, and $704,774 came to T.I. The record companies took home the rest.

The family of Marvin Gaye believes they are entitled to a big chunk of money from the song because they allege it’s a copyright infringement of Got to Give It Up.

The singer’s children Frankie and Nona Gaye are also targeting touring money too, which according to testimony, was about $11 million attributable to the success of Blurred Lines.



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