Trendsetting? See Rihanna Break Fashion Rules In Socks And Sandals

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Pretty sure tons of us know that wearing Socks and Sandals is a Fashion No No. Even major Fashion voice Anna Wintour once stated that nothing is worse than fashion’s most D-listed combination of socks and sandals.

A nonconformist, Riri being the fashion risk taker that she is, broke the first cardinal rule in fashion by sporting socks and sandals during an outing in New York City on Sunday.

The MONSTER beauty dressed down in a comfortable sweater and sweatpants following her promotional press stop for Dreamwork’s animated film Home at the Mandarin Oriental.

Rihanna said no to heels as she embraced her favorite pair of fur trimmed slip-on sandals. Maybe she was trying to show off her socks that had the word “BITCH” splattered all over. in a

Riri completed the looks with a grey sweater, fitted cotton trousers and a large black puffy jacket.

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Hi Anna, some of us don’t obey the status quo. And it works for us. Ask Kanye.

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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