Trailer For South African Street Dance Movie HEAR ME MOVE

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Most movie lovers out there would have one time or the other come across several dance themed movies which is why this one might be easily shrugged off. What makes Hear me Move one different is it’s South African origin promising dance styles we’ve not seen in the previous movies and a compelling story able to keep us glued to the screen.

Written by Fidel Namisi, the movie follows Muzi a street dance prodigy struggling to keep a promise he made to his mother to never dance again after his equally gifted father was murdered at a street party twelve years earlier. Little does he know that his father’s death was not as everyone believed it to be. When his father’s ex-dance partner, Shoes, approaches Muzi to join Shoes’s crew, Muzi has to choose between finding out the truth about his father’s death or disappointing his mother. What he does not realize is that by joining Shoes’s crew, he will make himself mortal enemies with Prince, the former leader of the crew and head of a new dance crew that’s taking the city by storm.

The movie was premiered on the 27th of February and hopefully it’ll be available in cinemas nearby soon as this looks like one movie worth checking out. Check out the trailer for the movie after the jump.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


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