The Types Of Tattoos Women Ink-On And How You Can Bed Them With Ease (1)

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No doubt about it, tattoos are the in thing among the young and free at heart. Most young people have the impression that having a tattoo indicates their rebellious nature and need not to conform to the dictates of society. This may not be far from the truth given the fact that the presence of certain types of tattoos on women might subtly indicate the kind of personalities they have. Tattoos have been adopted by humans for centuries but was previously seen as a respected form of tradition. Nowadays however, we have turned our bodies to walls where various outrageous designs can be put on.

Furthermore, it is somewhat disturbing to know that 45% more women have tattoos than their male counterparts. Well, I’ve been around a lot of women that have tattoos inked on and I believe they have subtle meanings that if well understood, will make it easier for guys to take them to bed. For this reason, below is a list of common female tattoos, the rationale behind them and how you can get them to bed easily.

Small sized tattoos present all over her body
Well, any girl that gets small sized tattoos inked on her body wants to espouse her rebellious nature. These kind of girls think that such tattoos make them strong and different from others but such tattoos only signify that they are not ready to handle the pressure of having a tattoo on. The tattoos are made small so that it can be easily covered if there is a need to.
Getting her in bed: Obviously, girls with these kind of tattoos have not become complete sluts and would require a little bit of flirting and teasing. Try and be a gentleman with her and avoid overdoing it because these type of girls are very much self conscious which may backfire if you press too hard.

Names of former lovers or husbands
Every woman revels in enjoying the moment. Whether they have been with a guy that abuses them physically everyday or one that does it emotionally, they sometimes see such men as heroes just because their emotions are unstable and he complements the volatility and instability. It is usually their belief that irrespective of how shitty their relationship may be, he would change his ways and things will pan out well which perhaps is their reason for committing to the act of tattooing the person’s name.
How to get her in bed: Girls that ink their boyfriends name on are extremely clingy and as such, it is better you create a disinterested and aloof front. However, make sure you have a plan to escape from their hold as they may go as far as falsely accusing you of a crime you didn’t commit if things go wrong.

Quotes on her body
Most modern day women with an interest in tattoos are usually the pseudo feminists with a false belief of being activists. Majority of the quotes they ink on are characterised with childish quotes which they believe lays claims to female empowerment. More so, a lot of women believe that such quotes that they have on serve as a reminder or template for them to live their lives. Most times however, the quotes do not serve as a form of internal and moral one but as a reminder to encourage them to carry on living.
How to get her in bed: Women with these types of tattoos are mostly nuts with psychopathic tendencies and as such, the normal play game doesn’t work with them. It is ideal for you to exude confidence as they fall for confident men who show them that they don’t need them.

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