The Types of Tattoos That Women Ink-On And How You Can Bed Them With Ease (2)

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Last time out we talked about some common tattoos girl ink on and the kind of subtle meanings they give which should help assist the discerning man in getting them to bed especially if the ladies are rebellious and are of easy virtue. This time around, we’d look at other types of tattoos and provide tips with which you can get ladies that have them inked on to bed without much stress.
Anorexia tattoo
These types of tattoo are higher versions of the quote tattoos women ink on. Girls with this type of tattoo are majorly addicts who struggle with a sort of mental disorder. The tattoos serve as a reminder and a caveat to the discerning about their mental and emotional status.
How to get her in bed: from the name of the tattoo, these girls detest eating well and as such it’s a good idea to take them a restaurant where they term the food “healthy.” it is also a good idea to propose oral sex as soon as you get intimate enough as women that have eating disorders tend to be free with giving blow jobs especially on a first date.

Star Tattoos
Funny enough, a lot of the girls that ink stars on their bodies actually do so because of the affordability of this sign. It is also relatively easy and simple for the tattoo artist to make given the amount most girls are willing to dole out. The Star sign tattoo doesn’t have much of a deeper meaning except for the blue star tattoos inked around the wrist which is a subtle hint of being a lesbian. But this shouldn’t be a turn off as some girls (Lesbians or not) still wouldn’t mind getting a man in their beds.
How to get her in bed: all you have to do is be up to date with recent happenings as these type of girls are mostly into keeping up with recent happenings and pop culture than any other group. However, ensure you keep a lid on the tab when you take them out to a restaurant. These type of girls wouldn’t mind running you down as they are mostly as cheap as the tattoos they have on.

Slut zone
Wondering what the slut zone is?, simply take a measuring rape and measure from the bellybutton to the thigh region and there you have the slut zone. Any girl that gets a tattoo in this region definitely wants male attention and wants to revel in it. They want men to keep their eyes down there even as they know that the sort of the men they want have been with different kind of women and as such want to advertise to them that they are pieces of gorgeous sexual meat waiting to be preyed on. You’d usually find these ladies wearing a low cut jean or thong to attract as much male attention as they can muster.
How to get her in bed: These kind of women have an insatiable appetite for men and will use their body, most importantly sex to have men wrapped around their fingers and achieve their aim. These kind of women may want attention, your property or the whole of your life’s work. Most of the women in this category hardly work and as such I advise that you NEVER MARRY THEM. Always have a story that would help you ease out of the show if you ever get entangled. There’s no mincing of words here, any girl that allows a man she barely knows (tattoo artist) spend hours inscribing ink on her pelvic and thigh region is a slut and if this doesn’t make you realise that the girl you’re with is one, nothing will.

Finally, these are obviously not all the tattoos there are but these ones should give guys a good idea of how to get that naughty girl you’ve been eyeing in bed. As some girls keep making efforts to ink on tattoos while young and making efforts as they grow to get a stable man who has no idea that the ink they have on is perhaps a statement of the kind of guys or life they have previously led in the past.



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