The New Selfie: BRELFIE (BREAST PHOTOS) Floods Twitter In Protest After Mothers Were Accused Of “Showing Off”

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The internet just serves us all different things every day. I mean, Selfie just got a new competition…. BRELFIE!

Brelfie, just as selfie shows of your face, is basically a picture that shows off the breasts. Weird?! Wait till you get a hold of the story. The breast pictures are for a good cause.

According to MetroUk, Twitter was flooded with photos of boobs and babies after a This Morning guest accused women who post breastfeeding selfies on Facebook of ‘showing off’. Dozens of women reacted to the accusation by tweeting their breastfeeding selfies – nicknamed brelfies – captioned with hashtags including #normalisebreastfeeding and #brelfiesarenatural.

One mother @mcmichael80 asked: ‘Why is it ok for people to post half-naked selfies but it is not ok for me to post me feeding my son?’ Another, @ReeDollBaby wrote: ‘We should be posting more to make breastfeeding ‘normal’ and help people to feel confident to do it!’.

Mother-of-two Emma Taylor, who was discussing the issue with Angela Epstein on the show, defended her breastfeeding Facebook posts, saying: ‘I share pictures of my children doing all sorts of things – so why not a picture of them breastfeeding?

‘You can’t see a lot – the baby’s in the way,’ she added.

But Epstein, who is pro-breastfeeding but anti-brelfie, said: ‘It smacks of exhibitionism.

‘It is an attention-seeking spectacle which uses children almost as a commodity, parading them around and saying, “isn’t it great, I can breastfeed”.

‘There are a lot of women who can’t so it’s almost rubbing their faces in it.’

‘It’s about flaunting what should be the intimate process of the pregnancy.’

This is to all mothers out there, what do you think of this arising issue. I mean this issue is of concern to all mothers. Feel free to sound off in the comments section.

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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