The Internet Mourns Microsoft’s “INTERNET EXPLORER” With MeMes As It Dies

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Let us all be respectful enough to give a minute silence to the Internet Explorer as tons of us will know that if it wasn’t for Internet Explorer, we wouldn’t have had that first, life-changing look at the internet way back in the 1990’s.

After Microsoft announced and brought about a wave of nostalgia that they’ll soon be doing away with the iconic browser as a new and upgraded version will be available to users soon, the internet decided to give the ” Internet Explorer” a befitting burial as MeMes have been created.

Gone are the days when Internet Explorer was like the only way most people browsed the World Wide Web. But those days are seriously long gone as people have embraced the Google Chrome. Well, Microsoft has announced not to worry as a new thing is about to hit us unawares  coupled with the Windows 10 software to be released soon.

We might miss the Internet Explorer, but we won’t forget these hilarious memes in a long time.



Elsa had to let it go as she sang to it.













Although it’s not clear when the browser’s new name will be revealed, it will form part of the much anticipated Windows 10, which will launch later this year.


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