Swimwear Perfection!! British Super Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is The Cover Girl For Esquire Magazine’s April Edition

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley is definitely one of the most beautiful women in Britain, she is super quirky, and she is dating British bad boy Jason Statham. All of the above, are some of the major reasons we love her.

She is the cover star for Esquire Magazine’s April edition, which is the travel edition

I guarantee you that after seeing the pictures from her shoot for this edition, you would love her even more.

She tells the magazine “I was the country kid who wanted to go to the city,”  “As soon as I hit my teens, and I started to get inspired by fashion and culture and travel, I wanted the cosmopolitan life and the opportunities you could only get if you lived in London. “I wanted to be in a city that was glamorous, that was sexy, that was dangerous.”

Rosie also says, “I’d like to go to Vietnam, I’d like to go to Laos, Burma. South America — I’d like to spend more time in Rio,” she said. “I’d like to go to Argentina again, and Chile and I’d loved to go to Machu Picchu.”Esquire1


Credit: US Weekly, Dailymail

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