Hygiene Tips: Sweaty Balls? How to make your Groin area smell better

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So here is the thing, the balls sometimes smell. Yup.
And it does not necessarily mean bad hygiene (even though that is one of the things you should look out for) but it could mean a thousand and one things. Things we have helped you discover solutions for.

Shower regularly.
Usually, smelly balls are caused by sweat and bacteria. So make sure to shower at least once a day, pay attention to your down there and use products made specifically for purposes like that.
And towel yourself dry when you step out of the bathroom so that there is no lingering moisture that might in any way induce any sort of odor.

Groom the hair.
Having excess hair on your groin can cause sweat to hang on to it and eventually smell. To reduce the chances of this happening, especially since you might not want to shave all the time (causes irritation when you shave too often or too low) trim the hair, keep it short so that sweat won’t hang on to anything down there.

Wear comfortable underwear.
Try to ditch all your underwear that stick to your groin area. Reason is that the more air penetrates that part of your body, the less bacteria and sweat you’re likely to attract.

This should be considered after shower. There are several brands that have products you can use for this purpose.
Powder your thighs, to remove every excess moisture and keep everything dry.

Do not spray .
Even though some articles and features claim you can spray your groins with body spray to keep it smelling nice, you do not want to try that.
Asides the irritation you are most likely going to have, it is called body spray for a reason. 
Just stick with normal hygiene and the powder.



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