Step Mum Binds and Gags 2 Year Old in Ogun

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A 28 year old mother in Itori, Ogun State tied the hands of her 2 year old step-daughter and taped her mouth, leaving her naked on the floor of their home while she locked the room and left for work.

cute kid

The reason – the child soiled herself.

For over two hours the little girl, groaned and moaned, until a neighbour heard the sound and traced it to an unoccupied room which was padlocked. After peeping and seeing the girl in such a condition, the neighbour quickly alerted the police at Itori police station. Christiana was promptly arrested and is currently undergoing interrogation at the Anti-Human Trafficking section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Ogun State Police Command.



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    1. Woman dat’ 2 bad what if is ur child do u ve a child? Tender age to be I de hands of step mom, remember there is in everything u do in life god is watching

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