Silverbird’s Staff Death: Eyewitness Narrates Gruesome Tale (Graphic Photo)

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The horrifying murder of Silverbird Television employee, Aishat Noble Mustapha, on Saturday 14th March, soon after she returned home from work is still sending chills down the spine on the media community. YNaija report.

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Grapevine has it that she was pierced with a knife eleven times, however, an eyewitness who resides in her neigbhourhood in Ogudu GRA, Lagos, has now shared the true story with YNaija.

“It happened around 8pm on Saturday night. She had gone in after returning from work, and then this man visited her. No one paid attention until we started hearing arguments.

The guy also resides in the estate, he is a married man and we could hear her threatening him, saying she will tell his wife about the pregnancy she had for him. The man was shouting back, and he got angry when she said she will report to his wife….but after a while, the argument stopped and there was no more shouting. Moments later, she ran out of the house with scars all over her body, and while running she fell into the gutter.”

“That was when neighbors found her. She was still breathing so she was rushed to a specialist hospital along Ogudu road then to the General Hospital in Gbagada, but no one wanted to admit her without a police report…it was when she was taken to the police station, that she gave up the ghost.”

“We saw a knife with blood in the compound but by the time the police came to pick up the knife, they didn’t see it again, someone had taken it but I don’t know who.”

“The guy (married man) was with neighbors all through, running up and down with the good Samaritans but he has now been arrested and is now in detention at Area F Police station close to the estate. This is so sad, she was a young promising and beautiful woman, she lost her sister just last year. It’s like it is the guy that rented the apartment for her.”



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