Shocking: Nigerian Girl Narrates Ugly Ordeal In The Hand Of her Uncle

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An extremely heartrending mail was sent to a correspondent of this morning, narrating her unfortunate ordeal in the hands of her Uncle.

So we decided to share this exposition hoping it gets to the Nigeria Police Force and able Nigerians to assist the young lady overcome this terrible torment.

“I am a Nigerian hail from Enugu but was born in Lagos and have lived here all my life, my dad is late and I was working with my uncle sometime after my father’s death to assist, the little way i can at that time but wasn’t getting paid on time by my uncle or not paid at all so I got a job at Lekki and wasn’t dependant on my uncles or anyone anymore. I have a boyfriend and my mum said she doesn’t want a Yoruba boy and since then my uncles have been trying to match make me.

I have been turning them down until now this whole thing has gone beyond my capacity, they have forcefully taken me to their house and right now I’m in d car to my office apartment to pack my things and they want to take me to Enugu. I don’t want to lose my job nor go there.

Please help me. There is more but this is where I am right now. One of my uncles is even a police man and at my apartment he was shooting and people had to come out but could not do anything for me since he was with a loaded gun. At that point I just had to run n I was able to escape from them but they have all my belongings and they just harassed anyone they felt knew where I was please Nigeria HELP

My uncle went to langbasa police station and reported that I was kidnapped for the past 5 years.

Yesterday I went there and made my statement and the DCO of langbasa police station called my uncle on phone and told him to report at d station today .”

Biko! Nigerians, help this young and very beautiful damsel overcome her travail and see how God will bless you immensely in return.

As at the time of publishing, she is still on the run.



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