Hygiene Tips: 8 Natural Ways To Firm Up Saggy & Droopy Breasts

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Boobs fall mostly because of natural reasons, which range from childbearing to old age.

Whenever this happens, your pair of once firm boobs drop and most likely makes you uncomfortable.

However, most people believe surgery is the only way you can have your boobs back to the way it used to be but this article would prove that wrong by listing the eight natural ways you can firm up your boobs.

Push Ups

This form of exercise is mostly associated to men but Push Ups are a good way to firm up your twins.

Start your day with Push Ups and go easy at first then as time goes on, you can increase the number of times.

Keep a healthy lifestyle

Eat your greens, drink lots of water and quit smoking. Also, do not forget to exercise regularly.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobics would increase your heart rate and burn off the excess fat in your breats, thereby reducing every extra fat and making the breasts firmer.

Careful with the Bra

Bras are designed to keep the twins in place however, be sure to discard your bra whenever you sleep and every time you can.

Also, use comfortable sport bras during workouts so the breasts don’t become flaccid as a result of intense workouts.

Bench presses

This form of exercise is a great idea when you want to target your chest muscles and make the boobs firmer.

Just remember to relax in between and drink lots of water to enable quick metabolism.


Not everyone is made for the sweatiness in the gym and the type of atmosphere it offers.

And that is why there is the option of swimming.

Swimming is a good way to perk up the chest muscles. While swimming for the boobs, think breaststroke.

Hot and cold water therapy

The next time you take a bath, keep switching the temperature of the water from hot to cool. You can begin with a full minute under both or two minutes under hot and one minute under cold.

Be careful not to make the water so hot it burns.

This therapy helps blood flow and blood flowing well which leads to the production of collagen.

Better blood circulation and improved production of collagen can help the breats to be firmer and more perky.

Shoulder presses

This form of exercise can also help with getting the twins back to being perky. All you need is a dumbell and your shoulders. That easy.

So here is how it works, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart  and knees a little bent .

Then, hold the dumbells a little above your shoulders and press them up until your arms are straight over your head. Hold for a second, lower the weight to where you started then repeat.



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