Safety Measures You Could Use During The Elections Today

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Hello, people.
Just a bit of tips for us all as the clock ticks and we draw nearer to the election hour. I have drawn for us all a number of points we could use as we near the hour wherein we make history in one of the most competitive elections yet in Nigeria.
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Let’s do well to observe the following;
1.   Stock essential food stuff at home.
2.   Stock portable drinking water at home.
3.   Keep some amount of cash for emergency at home.
4.   Stock essential drugs at home.
5.   Have enough airtime on your phone/s.
6.   Avoid out-door activities – stay in-doors as much as possible through the election period.
7.   If you have your PVC, cast your vote and leave immediately. Don’t wait for the counting session.
8.  Avoid heated political debates/discussions especially in public.
9.  Do not allow political stickers posters/flags be placed/posted on your cars/houses.
10. Do not wear any item revealing support for any political party or group.
11. Ensure that you have a full tank in your cars and generators before Election Day.
12. Respect the securities operatives and don’t involve in any activity that could lead to violence.
13. Lastly, use your PVCs wisely. Vote only the right (wo)man.
God bless Nigeria. Stay safe, people.
Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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