Rita Ora Denies Bribing Her Way To ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Role

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Rita Ora has shot down reports that she didn’t merit her role in hit movie, ‘50 Shades of Grey’.

The singer had been criticized for her role as Christian Grey’s sister, Mia, and even though she had previously admitted that she was so nervous she had to be fed her lines via an earpiece; she insists she won the role fairly.

“I auditioned like everybody else,” Ora said to The Irish Independent.

“I didn’t get any special treatment. I perfected my American accent, one thing led to another, and I got it.”



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  1. Perfected her American accent… Hardly likely. The movie was never shown in America despite the bogus criminal box-office reports and the book was certainly never sold in America where it remains unknown. The brits screwed up and failed again and as usual are too much the sore losers to admit it. Freedom and the REAL Americans wins again.

  2. The book never sold in America where the brit author stupidly based the story, and the movie has never been seen in America despite bogus criminal news reports of it having impossibly grossed 500 million American dollars. The movie wasn’t made in America and stars British actors who live abroad and use fake American names. The movie-book was a ruse from the start and the Americans plainly never bought into it.

  3. Americans did buy it. It was one of February’s top grossing movies in America-ever. Where are you getting your “facts”? As for Rita bribing them to get in the movie, I never heard of such rumor. I guess anyone can make anything up and call themselves a journalist these days.

    1. Americans didn’t buy anything of the sort. You’re either a marketing comment troll trying to spread the impossible myth of this imported British farce that never reached Americas shores or you’re a misguided idiot nut trolling the internet for kicks. Likely both, as they are one and the same. This 50 Shades junk is unknown and unseen within America, the target market for the dumbo British creators, much as the 50 Shades book was never seen, read nor heard of within America, genius. That’s the REAL AMERICA, genius, NOT the fictitious hate-filled communist British version that 50 Shades lies about. Commie British twit.

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