REVEALED! Boko Haram’s Kingpin, Shekau To be Replaced? Find Out Who Takes Over

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Report have started to gather steam that the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau could be replaced as Abubakar Bagdadi, leader of ISIS and world’s most wanted jihadist, will now be making decisions for the sect. Naij report.

Nigerian reporter, Ahmad Salkida, who claimed to have access to the leadership of Boko Haram has reacted to the sect’s reported allegiance to the Islamic State.

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According to him, the sect’s widely reported allegiance (or Bay’ah) to the Islamic State is said to be the result of a long drawn deliberation within and outside the group on its ideology, The Cable reports.

“The sect has expressed support to IS in the past but not Bay’ah in this formal sense, as Islam prescribed.

“As long as Muslims pledged allegiance to a leader, he must accept it. In fact, it was long overdue. What this also means is Abubakar Bagdadi will henceforth take decision for the insurgents. Shekau’s self-governance has ended on Saturday, the 7th of March 2015,” a close source said.

Several rumour mill claimed that the emissaries by Bagdadi are already in the country and are already making a lot of changes, adding that Baghdadi may choose to even change the Imam in Nigeria if he so wishes or send permanent emissaries or teachers to guide what is now the local Boko Haram Shura.

Translating the meaning of Bay’ah, the source said according to some Sunni Islamic scholars, Bay’ah can only be offered to the leader of the Muslims. Once allegiance is offered, as in the case of Boko Haram to IS, it is accepted because the leader that is being offered Bay’ah assumes total and absolute authority over his subjects, except these subjects were to discover that the actions of the leader contradicted their kind of beliefs.



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