Policeman Sprays Danfo With Bullets Over N100

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An unidentified policeman reportedly opened fire on a commercial bus over a N100 dispute.

A man who was on the bus, who sustained a gun shot wound to the leg in the process, spoke on the incident on the forum, Nairaland.

He said:

Wonders shall neva end. What happened early Yesterday morning 12-03-2015 at about 5:45am took everyone by surprise along Iyana Ejigbo Rd.

A bus going down to Oshodi was stopped by a Police officer he claimed the driver passed One way and after the driver and the bus conductor pleaded(The other side of the road was actually very bad. After all it’s Iyana Ejigbo, and after we were stopped,other buses passed that same one-way freely), he demanded money from the driver ( I was sitting at the back, window side).

According to reports from the eye witness, the driver gave him a sum of 100 naira and the policeman rejected saying that he wants 200 naira.

This later led to an argument between the two, and before you could say ‘Jack’ he jacked his gun and sprayed the bus.

Four passengers were Injured due to the stray bullet (Including Me). We were taken to The Closest Hospital nearby to receive treatment. The police officer is now in Hiding and his colleagues have refused to bring him out since the Victims said they recognised him.



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