Patience Jonathan Puts Buhari On Blast Again, Calls Him A Dictator And A Jailer

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Nigeria’s First Lady is fast becoming one of the most ‘influential’ First Ladies in the nation’s history, with her on-off, smear campaigns against the APC and its Presidential flag bearer, RTD. General Muhammadu Buhari.



Dame Patience Jonathan Port Harcourt Rally



Only yesterday, at a PDP Presidential rally at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital; Patience Jonathan called out General Buhari and the entire APC as she addressed the womenfolk.



She trashed the APC, its members and all as she called them ‘rascals’. Her exact words at the rally being;

“I will not condescend so low to join issues with them because they are rascals and I will not respond to them.”

“Don’t let me open my mouth to talk about these rascals…”

“We did not vote for these people. We in Rivers state voted Celestine Omehia but these people came and took our mandate away and today they are abusing us”, she went on to say.

“They don’t have respect for elders. They are busy abusing me and my husband. I will not answer them.”
“In Rivers state we respect elders but these rascals have no respect for their elders. We must vote them out in April.”



By ‘voting them out in April’, she means ousting the APC at the governorship polls in the state come April.



It is unclear what exactly she means as she refers to the APC and its members as ‘rascals’. But what is even more unclear is her addressing the APC in languages we think of as hilarious at best. At same rally in Port Harcourt, she likened the APC to outdated drugs saying;

“Vote out this expired drug called APC.”



The highlight of her rally speech was the point she referred to Muhammadu Buhari as a dictator who will not stop being who he is upon assuming office, as he has the tendency to send his perceived enemies to jail were he to win at the forthcoming presidential poll, on March 28th. She went on to request that the women do not sell their Permanent Voter Cards regardless of whatever they were offered by the opposition. She added that voting out the APC is very much possible with the women acting rightly as the elections near.



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