OldiesButGoodies – Your Favorite Nigerian Songs From Back In Time

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Hello, hello. Welcome again. This is the 360Nobs Throwback Music Session.



We have spotlighted 10 classic Nigerian songs from the past and we trust it’s always been a great deal of fun for you fine folks. This week is no different, as we have carefully selected another list just as magical. I should let you all take it from here.



In no particular order, enjoy our Oldies List for today, 12th March, 2015.



Artiste: Veno Marioghae

Song Title: Nigeria Go Survive

Veno Marioghae – Nigeria Go Survive



Artiste: Chris Mba

Song Title: Baby Don’t Cry

Chris Mba – Baby Don’t Cry



Artiste: Dizzy K Falola

Song Title: Baby Kilode

Dizzy K Falola – Baby Kilode



Artiste: Stephen Osita Osadebe

Song Title: Osondi Owendi

Stephen Osita Osadebe – Osondi Owendu



Artiste: Felix Lebarty

Song Title: Ifeoma

Felix Liberty – Ifeoma



Artiste: Dr. Victor Olaiya

Song Title: Omo Pupa

Dr Victor Olaiya – Omo Pupa



Artiste: Tony Tetuila

Song Title: My Car

Tony Tetuila – My Car



Artiste: P Square

Song Title: No One Be Like You

P Square – No One Like U



Artiste: Funmi Adams

Song Title: Nigeria My Beloved Country

Funmi Adams – Nigeria My Beloved Country



Artiste: Sunny Neji

Song Title: Oruka

Sunny Nneji – Oruka



This would be all for this week. Join us next Thursday and let’s do this all over again, on a bigger scale of course. Peace!


Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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