Not Again! Kanye Grabs Kim Kardashian’s BUTTS In Public || Get A Room!

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He is known for grabbing his wives butts. He did it before to Amber, did to Kim and now to Kim again!

Kanye doesn’t observe the status quo.

Kanye West grabs Kim Kardashian's butt

Their romantic conga-style moment came as Kim admitted that she and Kanye have sex ‘500 times a day’ in order to try for another child, a brother or sister for their daughter North West.

Kanye who happens to be so protective of Kim couldn’t put a stop to the romantic action as they giggled, hugging each other as they walked across the street.


Kim Kardashian Kanye West PDA






Images MailOnline

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  1. Kai Abeg. …you are lying. ..Your husband alone can’t even go ten rounds…..With your husband, Ray J and others….you can’t withstand 50 rounds

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