Nneka Airs Her Views On President Jonathan On CNN

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In an interview with CNN, Nneka talked freely about music, her life, her favourite foods and her country, Nigeria. The statement, however, that is bound to get people’s attention are her comments on President Goodluck Jonathan.

When asked on the postponement of the February elections, Nneka had this to say,

He [Goodluck Jonathan] says he wants to tackle Boko Haram, obviously every Nigerian is asking why now, he could had done it a long time ago…but I’m not good at the whole blaming game, I don’t want to blame anybody but I pray that he comes up with a good idea for us if he is an honest and genuine guy. But I know that Fela [Kuti] would definitely not be cool with him, Seun [Kuti] is not cool with him, and many other musicians who are very outspoken are not cool with him. (CNN)

Nneka who is known for her politically charged songs also said that outspoken singers would not have a good relationship with the President.



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  1. Nneka doesnt stay in Nigeria nd she’s nt abreast of d happenings in Nigeria,President Goodluck invested in the entertainment industry thats y,Nneka saw the rise of Omawumi nd Co doing excedinly well in the music industry to the extent Nneka herself is craving to do collabo with any of them.before now Nneka saw nothing good coming from the music industry in Nigeria nd didnt request to do collabo with any Nigerian musician,kudos to President Goodluck nd Nneka should be assured there wont be any election postponment.

  2. Come home and stay instead of talking nonsense, Our music industry is grow rapidly and we need people like you here not there. If Fola is still alive he could have congratulate president Jonathan for the work he is doing.

  3. Please speak for yourself and stop mentioning the name of Fela, Fela is a hero who fought for what is right in Nigeria not some other country like you are doing now.

  4. I just wonder when people who are residing in Nigeria begin to talk as if they know what is going on in Nigeria. What is chasing out out of Nigeria

  5. shuuu see this omote, you from yonder dey yarn opata, na we dey here dey observe one ot two , na by singing ? oh becos u don sing small tin u tink say u fit come up dey reason anyhow. hey wey you lock up !

  6. How can you relate to what is going on down here in your so called country when you are barely here, yes you can air out your opinions but it isn’t right from the perspective you are viewing it. many sectors have thrived under goodluck ebele jonathan’s administration i’ will commend you if you are here doing your quota than over there criticizing a government which you don’t know much of.

  7. Thanks for your concern ma!. But i bet even Lil Kesh now earns more than you do. Do you know the accolades our entertainment industry gets theses days?. thanks to Jonathan and flexible policies and enabling Nollywood contribute to the economy.

  8. The Entertainment industry in Nigeria will not throw thier weight behind GEJ if they were not satisfied with his prospect.

  9. Nneka obviously does nt know what i happening in this country, i dont want to say much, All i will say is that GEJ is the best option for nigeria


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