Nigerians: How To Do Your NYSC Registration Using Your Own Computer (Must Read)

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I stumbled on this very imperatively important article on Nairaland and decided to share with prospective NYSC corps members that may be having a difficult time performing the online registration using their your own computer.

Below are the screenshots of the steps taken in the NYSC registration process.

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg 1Step 1

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg 2.jpg 2Step 2

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg  3.jpg 3Step 3

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg  3.jpg 4.jpg 4Step 4

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg 5.jpg 5Step 5

Nysc reg 1 360nobs.jpg 6.jpg 6Step 6

These are not all the steps as the author disclosed that a full update on all will be published soon.

Meanwhile, you will have to find a nearest SIM registration/ NYSC centre to get a digital personal scanner and connect to your system when you get to the fingerprint scanning page.

For those interested in downloading  the drivers, Download or visit Nairaland.




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  1. Am outside the country now and I am to register for dis nysc batch coming up nd I don’t have a personal scanner and won’t be around till Oct 11th what can I do

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