Nigerians: Are Muslims Really Rejecting The New N100 Note? (Nairaland)

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A Nairalander, this evening, narrated an interesting yet stranged encounter, witnessed in his school last week.

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According to Dandydrey (Nairalander). “I was at an eatery when an argument ensued between the attendant and a “Muslim student”, funny enough the attendant is also a muslim.

The guy was given the new N100 note as his balance but he refused to collect it and was rather requesting for the old one, the woman was surprised and asked him why he wouldn’t collect it and his reply was “there is no arabic on it”

This got me thinking that i had to ask some of my muslim friends of which they condemned the act.

To the Muslims here, what’s your take on this?”



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  1. The new hundred naira note is too fake and very fragile to handle, y the change? The present Nigerian government is too selfish on many things, y removing the Arabic? No body will stop them of putting a whole church symbol on the currency. This is selfish and greediness.

  2. So funny! Don’t mind them all, the new 100Note is okay but to me I prefer the old one to new! All muslim should stop rejectin, and if I may ask what’s the meaning of the arabic written in all note?

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  3. Really, there is no point removing the Arabic inscription from the new 100 naira note. I believe it should have remained as it is in other denominations since it gives a sense of belonging to other parts of the country. Well, removing it for no just cause is an act of misplaced priority.

    Currently, Naira exchanges about N200 to the dollar. The government should face real issues, Foster unity and arrest the downward plunge of the value of Naira, rather than gets too pre-occupied with symbols or some inscription.

  4. in the old notes, the photo of jesus christ wasnt there and no christian complained, the name of any church wasnt there and no christian complained, i think they dont have a base for argument, the new 100 naira note is fine and perfect as it is.

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  5. U guys don’t just leave Muslims out of your stories why will they remove the Arabic mostly know that they know d country isn’t that stable if we turn blind eyes they will remove it from all notes the bible is translated in English so u don’t need the drawing of a church on it but Qur’an is in Arabic

  6. Y are muslims so violent ! Nigeria is not an islamic country or state . So why should arabic be written on our currency . Remember we are colonized by british so is british an arabic country . The muslims should not take the simplicity of christians for a ride . If they don’t want the money they should go to hell .no wonder that’s the reason why they will prefer buhari to come in as the president of nigerian it will not work ! Period .

  7. Sorry to say ! Muslims are not violent but the truth of the matter is that A TRUE MUSLIM never boarders about the removal of the arabic sign provided he is not and never deprived from worshiping his GOD . So pls and pls sorry for using the statement that muslim are violent I don’t mean to insult your religion .

  8. it is very wrong to use the word violent. just as we have bad muslim we also have bad christians so dont judge a person by his religion.

  9. What is the population of China? Are there Muslims in China? If yes, what percentage? Was China ever colonised by some Muslim country? Do Chinese currencies carry words written in Arabic as well as the Chinese characters? Are all Arabs Muslims? Does Arabic characters equate Islam? Were our British colonizers Arabs or Muslims? Do you know why THEY, our colonialists thought it wise to put some words in Arabic? Do you know the meaning of what are written in Arabic? Do think once you can speak Arabic or profess Islam one should should get the Gedion Orkar treatment. Do you wish to encourage co-existence, or look for what can antagonise your neighbours because we just can thought really add quality to the instigators’ Christian quality of leaving. I admit though our educational system has led to the gullible behaviour of most, but the Muslim ” leaders” have greatly contributed to the RECKLESS disregard of the feelings Muslims in Nigeria.

  10. —Do you think once one learns to speak Arabic, or professes Islam in Nigeria that person deserves the MISGUIDED Orkar treatment – s/he should be considered undeserving of being a Nigerian? Or s/he deserves disrespect and mistreatment because his/her feelings are worth nothing? Should we now begin to encourage co-existence, or just occupy our myopic, bigoted minds with some search for what we can do to just antagonise our Muslims, or Christian, or some other Nigerians of other faiths just because we can do so with the ILLUSION of no cost to us? One wonders what quality would such behaviour add to our persons or to our Christian/Muslims/others faiths. I admit though… (See my preceeding comment to the end). We are so badly informed in our Muslim and Christian faiths that the CENTRAL theme or MESSAGE of these religions which is HUMANITY is lost to many. Please re-read your Bible and Qur’an again for guidance. The ARROGANCE MUST STOP before it gets out of control.

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