#NigeriaDecides: 8 Activities To Shun After The Announcement Of Nigeria’s Next President

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Following the just concluded phase of the general elections and the soon to be announce Winner of the 2015 presidential election, Nigerians have been warned to desist from the following activities in order not to get themselves killed by hoodlums and political thugs of the defeated party.

It would be noted, Nigerians have this time around profoundly voted for their desired leader. As celebration ensues, you may end up becoming a victim of electoral manhandle from the party which the poll results did not go in their favour. So be careful.

Here are the 8 security tips:

1. Drink Responsibly

Avoid drinking yourself to the state of unconsciousness whether Goodluck Jonathan or Mohammed Buhari wins. Political thugs will certainly take advantage of drunkards and tonight won’t be an exclusion. Always drink responsibly.

2. Be Security Conscious

Always be alert as many hoodlums will tonight basked in the aura of abduction.

3. Drive Responsibly

Avoid over-speeding while driving, the excessive elation of the candidate you support, winning can overwhelm you and that can make you drive too fast and in that process you may end up killing yourself.

4. Shun Public Gathering

Avoid public gathering, your excitement might trigger pain to another, be careful, else you get yourself in trouble.

5. Avoid Political Argument

Don’t go about arguing your opinion on who you knew will win or lose as this will arouse anger and possibly lead to fight and death ensues. Be wise. Don’t abuse the other simply because his party lost.

6. Avoid Dissemination Of False News

Avoid the publishing false news. So that you don’t get dealt with by eagerly anticipating Nigerians.

7. Shun Political Thuggery

Don’t allow yourself to be used by politician to accomplish there selfish interest because if being caught. You will end up in jail alone.

8. Eat Responsibly

Don’t go about eating anyhow..you might end up poisoning yourself.



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    1. wat happen nw say u said that u will relase resuit by 8pm why you are lie 2 us now pls i beg you in the name of god relase it before 1am god blessed nigeria i think that apc is the winner

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