#NigeriaDecides: 7 Lessons We Learn From ‘The Naked Truth’ By General Muhammadu Buhari

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Earlier, we reported ‘The Naked Truth’ from General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.) of the APC.

Following the touching, highly-emotional Final Mission Statement from the APC Presidential Candidate, we have drawn key points and deem it important to summarize them as our 7 lessons from the video tape.

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We learn from the tape that;

  1. ‘The Nigerian citizens are tired of the status quo.’
  1. ‘Experience has confirmed that there is no Muslim Nigeria, no Christian Nigeria; no Northern Nigeria [and] no Southern Nigeria.’
  1. General Buhari is very benevolent as he tells us ‘I have given my life to the service and the continued existence of this one Nigeria both as a military officer and as a civilian.’
  1. ‘My time as Head of State was not perfect, mistakes were made’, he makes us understand.
  1. ‘My appeal to you is that you find it in your hearts to [forgive me as many others have done]’, he begs.
  1. ‘Being the leader at the time, I take responsibility for those mistakes and state again that before you is a converted democrat who has submitted to and will continue to submit himself to a true democratic process’.
  1. Lastly, Muhammadu Buhari teaches us that ‘Nothing can erode [his] optimism about our country Nigeria. I have served Nigeria with everything I have, without taking anything that I did not earn. If anyone has evidence that proves otherwise, I challenge them to present it.’ 

Quite revealing, we must add. What do you make of this? Do you agree with Retd. General Muhammadu Buhari or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Once again, please conduct yourselves appropriately as you cast your votes tomorrow. And say NO to ANY form of violence. God bless Nigeria.

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Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. It’s ok to apologize, but even if 99 people saw only your wrongs, 1 alone will see the right, we believe in you our new president of Nigeria, you have shown the world that it’s not possible to strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, make us proud, bring the change that you preach about, we shall stand by you through good and bad, because it was our choice, will, and decision to make you our president, and about all it is the will of God, Allah.. u are a man after God’s own heart please end our suffering, bring to justice those that have stolen from us, and we shall tell your stories to our generation… its not the thunder that makes crops grow but the rain…. act on your words not on your voice!!! All the way our president…..

  2. U must win, you have to win, you need to win, please don’t let our effort to be in vain…. the only wrong you have done is showing the world that Nigeria is greater than any individual irrespective of who they are… all the way GMB

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