‘Nigeria Is Most Attractive Place For Investment In Africa’ – High Commissioner

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Nonye Rajis Okpara, who is Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Singapore has referred to Nigeria as the most attractive place for investment, with 70 per cent rate of return on investment which makes it fourth globally. Daily Sun report.

Speaking during a lecture at the Rotary Club of Singapore recently, Okpara explained that Nigeria was worth more than $500 billion, making it the world’s 21st largest economy.

According to her, “in 2014, Nigeria’s GDP became the largest in Africa and by 2020, she is expected to become one of the world’s top 20 economies. Our country’s oil reserves have played a major role in our growing wealth and influence and government is working towards broadening its revenue resources rather than relying solely on oil.”

She revealed that, “Nigeria is the most attractive place for investment in Africa, with 70 per cent rate of return on investment that is rated fourth highest globally. Nigeria’s credit rating has continued to receive positive reviews, an attestation of Nigeria’s improved financial stability, credited to the reforms in several sectors of the economy by President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

“One of my key objectives in Singapore has been to create awareness about the enormous business opportunities in Nigeria and to develop more partnership between the two countries. Already, Singaporean companies doing business in Nigeria are making great profit and there are more companies interested in doing business in Nigeria. This is credited to Nigeria’s excellent growth potential, high rate of return on investment, growing population and rising macro-economic stability.”



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  1. Not only Nigeria but the whole Africa so needs investments right now. I know that there are lots of businessmen and investors ready to invest in Africa so I’m sure Egypt would find its investor as Western African countries have already found asian investment foundation Hermes-Sojitz who is now investing in large development projects there. I’ve read that they are going to invest about 3 billions until 2017 in Western Africa.

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