Nigeria 2015 Presidential election results: Imo State – PDP wins #NigeriaDecides

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Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election Results

Here are the results for Imo State based on the official INEC announcements of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results from each state in Nigeria.

Professor Oye Ibidapo-Obe, former VC of UNILAG, the Returning Officer of INEC for Imo state, announced the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results.

We’ll bring the complete compilation once it is all over. Since it is a two horse race between General Muhammadu Buhari (APC) & Jonathan Ebele Goodluck (PDP), we have highlighted APC results in green; PDP results in blue

AA – 533
ACPN – 956
AD – 757
ADC – 1,617
APA – 2,236
APC – 133,253
CPP – 733
HOPE – 157
KOWA – 158
NCP – 784
PDP – 559,185 (PDP Wins)
PPN – 414
UDP – 264
UPP – 1,917

Other Statistics:

Total valid votes: 702,964
Rejected votes: 28,957
Total votes cast: 731,921
LGAs: 27
Political Parties: 14

Registered voters: 1,747,681
Accredited voters: 801,712
Places Where Elections Did Not Hold: Isu (Umundugba), Owerri North, Ahiazu Mbaise, Ezinihite Mbaise
PUs Affected: 54
Voters Affected: 30,353



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  1. God should directly provide to us the good leader out of the 2. And please my fellow Nigerians, let’s try to be careful for God sake and I pray may the good Lord protect all our family and friends even enemies in this presidential election.

  2. God time is the best let us take buhari by faith let him arrest obj first obj sell everything we HV in Nigeria but houses, farms, industrys, oil , wharf ,so fort i

  3. Lord God we thank you for giving us a new leader in Naija,a reputable man like Buhari.We ask for your wisdom so He could rule us in the fear of God.
    Saul has gone ,now is the era of David.

  4. my gud fellow Nigerians, i greet u al, lets not fight nd kill ourselves over dis election. We re one nd lets be proud of it. My prayer is dat God gives us a gud leader dat we lead us 2d promise land AMEN.

  5. I need to make a point, Nigerians should pray more at this crucial minute. MARC BRADLEY of the USA. 12234553678 or 08167646555


  7. LORD JESUS we ur children Nigeria need a good leader that comes from u, calm the violent heart in this election let there be peace and bring us together as one in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN

  8. hey hey……what are u talking about…u said buhari is evil what of jonathan who kils millon of people….better zip ur lip cowards especially u joel

    1. You’re a complete moron. How did Jonathan kill millions of people? For all we know, boko haram could have been Buhari’s way of frustrating GEJ’s rule and thus paving a way into the hearts of Nigerians so desperate for ‘change’. I hope you all know that sharia law Will ‘change’ your lives.

  9. oh my fellow Nigeria let allow God to select for us a leader that will take us to our promise land. if it by mere appearance or by past leadership that we want to use as medium to choosing, we may latter regret of the action. on this note, I will advise mandate unto the alpha and omega of our lives.

  10. God please intervene in Nigeria for us, we just need a miraculous Miracle to happen so that Goodluck must continue , shame to running away Igbos…..

  11. abeg any body can stil win dis election nd transit dis country to a beta place for everibody xo lets pray dat GOD wil choose a leader not just a leader bt outamost human who wil treat us ryt…. pls lets nt descriminate against anybody..

  12. God almighty is never asleep. Don’t b discourage He has a master plan for nigeria. He is in charge…. God bless Nigeria.

  13. all i ask is for peace to regin, weather goodluck or buhari,the bloods that has been shed is enough,peace oooooooooooooooooooooooonigeria peace

  14. Either Buhari or Johathan God kw the future and the dream of nigeria and that same God kws who among the two candidate dat will lead nigeria peacefully to his dream land, so my fellow brodas and sister let’s just pray and left everything in God’s hand let’s his will be done

  15. I wonder why at this age and time some people will think democracy today permits dictatorship or makes provisions for transition into sharia law by any leader. I believe the incumbent president should have nothing to lose if people chose to vote him out. He has been privileged to serve the country in all capacity.
    On 28 March, 2015 Nigerians spoke with their votes and it is only wise to accept people’s will as God’s. Any protest against the outcome is a protest against God and perpetrators shall face the consequences. We need not start mentioning names.
    For me, this election should be a win-win for everyone and not am avenue to short-curcuit our evolving democracy.
    God bless Nigeria

  16. Me i nor de for let anybody win ooo. I nor go see fire fly enter inside. Una de find change when una nor gree make them change una. Even jesus christ self nor fit change some of una.

  17. I don’t envy Buhari who is going to inherit a factionalised country.
    He shall be needing all the skills in the books to manage the probable combustible aftermaths of his victory or else the situation would snowball into a pyrrhic victory.
    An all-inclusive government or government of national unity might be the way out of the woods.

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