Nigeria 2015 Presidential election results: Cross River State – PDP wins #NigeriaDecides

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Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election Results

Here are the results for Cross River State based on the official INEC announcements of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results from each state in Nigeria.

Professor Ekpo, the VC, University of Uyo, the Returning Officer of INEC for Cross River state, announced the 2015 Nigerian Presidential election results.

We’ll bring the complete compilation once it is all over. Since it is a two horse race between General Muhammadu Buhari (APC) & Jonathan Ebele Goodluck (PDP), we have highlighted APC results in green; PDP results in blue

AA – 279
ACPN – 514
AD – 709
ADC – 749
APA – 532
APC – 28,368
CPP – 381
HOPE – 237
KOWA – 312
NCP – 930
PDP – 414,863 (PDP Wins)
PPN – 864
UDP – 289
UPP – 1,487

Other Statistics:

Total valid votes: 450,514
Rejected votes: 15,392
Total votes cast: 465,906
LGAs: 18
Political Parties: 14

Registered voters: 1,144,288
Accredited voters: 500,577
Places Where Elections Did Not Hold: Akpabuyo, Yakurr
PUs Affected: 12
Voters Affected: 3,259



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  1. Good people of cross river & Nigeria, pls i want de government of cross river to call off the ongoing strike by crutech, why cross river doinn us the student this way and they want us to vote 4 dem. No No No. Call off the strike.

  2. My fellow crossiverians! we ‘re one and let dis oneness reflect not only in our interest to political offices, but also into our educational system; for education is the bed rock of every thing dat we can succeed.

  3. There was a University call Cross River University of Technology, but now, we are still looking for that school.

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