Must See Photos Of A Lady That Looks Exactly Like Kylie Jenner

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That’s alot of resemblance. Her name’s Dani. photos below;
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Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

•SiLiFaH •Tall •Black •Beautiful •Forbes Woman •Tongue Twister •Tailor •Fruit Lover


  1. If this is her “basic workout attire”, I cringe at what her decked-out attire is. No 17-year-old should dress like this, much less wear a frickin’ full face of makeup and jewelry to workout! Who does that? This screams “I need attention!” Btw, I saw what you did there Yahoo *(with a full face of makeup, naturally)*. Also, when are the Kartrashians going to stop being newsworthy?

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