Music Reviews: “Ki Lo Fa Packaging” + “Ojuelegba Remix” + “Confam Ni”

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“Ki Lo Fa Packaging”

Cdkah and Reminisce are on some laid-back state of mind as they record this, seeing as this is nothing more than a simple set of sounds, pieced together with elements of the local lingo and a medley of African beats and guitar.



Cdkah Remi



We try to point to one major aspect of the song we can talk about and there is nothing but some regular sounds, placed on the podium of unflustered, street-worthy rhythm. We also spot some sex allusions on this, as Reminisce is almost below par on here, with an all-too-commonplace delivery that belies his recent run of form. So much lacklusterness we don’t understand if Cdkah compelled him into lacing his part on the beats or not. Whatever.



In all, this one is some random piece of work with all the tendencies of making it through the maze of our Industry to the top given the fluctuating tempo of our music trends.



“Ojuelegba Remix”

Set against same mosaic as the original single off Wiz Kid’s “AYO”, this Sarkodie-assisted remix is an attractive rehash of “Ojuelegba.” The beats and entire production don’t give Sarks much room to make anything we haven’t already heard off the melody of this, but he augments duly and what we hear is an engaging sound that drives us to listen anew.



We love how Sarkodie retains his mother tongue on here, as he mirrors his checkered past and not-so-rosy upbringing.



Wiz doesn’t redo anything from his end, he is on copy-paste mode, perhaps this was made with him not present. Still, this is jamming and worthwhile, just as much a melodious work as the original.



“Confam Ni”

We love how this one opens: Smooth African number, positive vibes, relatable, starting with something of a sound pattern veering towards same stuff as DJ Xclusive’s “Jeje” [the 00:11 second specifically lending credence].



Familiar sound, tuneful, not exactly original or extra creative yet heavy with resounding bass and pin drop sounds in the background. Wiz Kid is not the most lyrical and we don’t expect anything virtuoso in that light. And seeing as lyricism is a major weakness, he sings on in his traditional commonplace style; rambling here, roving there, getting himself up to the crescendo where he serves us a proper enjoyable variant of his Afro pop.






Olamide jumps on the cut on the 01:09 mark but there isn’t much to his rendition than talks of the female body and sex.



There are obvious allusions to the herb, something of a Lil Wayne-y type cough as they open on this, and we wonder what the pair created that for. Quite the unneeded inclusion.



These regardless, there’s the unmistakable upbeat feel on the song. You listen to “Confam Ni” and it brings to mind same weave of optimism as *Ara and **Amin. Amazing stuff.



*Ara is the hit song from Brymo.

**Amin is the infectious Dammy Krane tune.







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