Music Review: “Back To The Future” By MI x Milli Plays Within Expected Boundaries

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Tucked in some studio shine, there is an abundance of the acoustic guitar and keyboard notes on the song, all with a spluttering of the drums.



It is unusual of Milli here seeing as ‘Back To The Future’ plays within expected boundaries, nothing exactly breathtaking. An okay song, it hits flat notes as it doesn’t spell out the purity of the men’s art. The MI factor on this is… oh well, something reminiscent of the duo off the ‘Chairman’ project. Superb combination having them but it doesn’t translate to a hit song.



 360nobs Music Review MI x Milli 'Back To The Future'


Thoughts of the pair on a joint send some signals and raise our yearnings, even though in all, they offer nothing extra special on here. This means that Back To The Future probably would be nothing above par were it some unknown, uncharted names singing and rapping these lines.



The song is a fairly good listen, laden with profanity and failing to reflect MI in his most lyrical frame. His rhymes skid off in between, lacking time and speed coordination. We know this type; we’ve heard all such average, run-of-the-mill tracks that ride on the glory of online hypes and nothing more. It’s a lazy song for those late night binges, and nothing else afterwards. It doesn’t boast of anything we haven’t already heard, neither does it add anything to the interesting collage of colorful music out there today.







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