Music Review: “Allelu” By Wale x Reekado Banks x Olamide x Don Jazzy Is Sizzling

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For all the triviality of Jazzy on here, Maleek Berry is a beast for this one. Then we are wowed as we listen and realize it is Reekado Banks who delivers perhaps the shiniest parts on the song. Wale is bad ass! And Olamide is cool, though bringing forth nothing breathtaking.



Don Jazzy can do no wrong. Actually, Don Jazzy will do no wrong as far as music is concerned. Yes. And when you feel the urge to counter this, take some time out of your busy schedule and look at D’Prince, a singer-rapper who is fairly skilled at best then juxtapose with all the young man has achieved in aspects of music, endorsement and whatnot. The reality of this is that if Prince puts out a material today, he is bound to scoop some major cream off the beehive industry that is the Nigerian music scene today.






Anyways, this is more about “Allelu” than it is about D’Prince. And on this new cut –though I think the man is spotless in terms of his beat-making and artistry– Jazzy fails to do anything exceptional or arresting. He is inferior and unusually poor in delivery, quite a far cry from what we’d expect. But we’ll let it slide.



We should let it slide because for all the triviality of Jazzy on here, Maleek Berry is a beast for this one. Sheer dope, banging studio magnificence is how we should term what Maleek does here. Yes indeed.



Olamide is cool. He renders in the typical Naija lingo, though bringing forth nothing breathtaking, or extra special. All he does is make allusions to the herb and sex and things, which is excusable given his hip hop leaning.



Wale is bad ass! He is exceptional and straight up hip hop on this, in spite of his rickety attempts at doing a Naija flow. We love.



We are wowed as we listen to this and realize it is Reekado Banks who delivers perhaps the shiniest parts on the song. His performance on the show is as pleasant as it is blazing.



In all, this is a successful track from many angles, particularly as it is radio-ready and star studded. The African beats and clap sounds that close the curtain on this are too superb for words, such masterful blend of the motherland with an otherwise Western genre. Bliss! Repeat-worthy effort, this.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?







Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. It’s a big Hit!!!
    Wale is dope, #Baddo is cool, i love his flow on this one but putting Jazzy in is not suppose, Reekado is another Big thing Kudos to him, i love the intro, the chorus, and his last verse, though Don Baba too tried. Baddo is the Beast!
    But the Beats seem like i’av heard it before but i can’t recall from which song i heard it from!

    1. Some people sure do love to hate on Don Jazzy, don’t they? I’ve seen this on every site where the song is posted–“”Was it necessary for Don Jazzy to be on it?”

      Yes, mudda sucka, it was necessary. And it’s a good addition, too. Nice song!

  2. The song is not bad.. I like the fact this Americans are using their sense to gradually come back home.. But on another note Nigerians and journalists don’t know how to conduct write ups! Wetin concern D’prince for this article now??? I’m a big Prince And Mavin fan And saying the prince is Fairly skilled is arrant nonsense I believe you just need to wake up and catch up to his greatness. If not you are OYO!

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