More Photos From The 2015 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards

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The prestigious African Magic Viewers Choice Awards held on Saturday night at  Eko Hotels &Suites, Victoria Island. We brought you the first photos from the event and here are all the photos you previously did not get to see.


Monalisa Chinda & Jide Kosoko
Monalisa Chinda & Jide Kosoko
More AMVCA 2015_00__360nobs
Funke Akindele

More AMVCA 2015_01__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_02__360nobs

More AMVCA 2015_03__360nobs
Lamide Akintobi

More AMVCA 2015_04__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_05__360nobs

More AMVCA 2015_06__360nobs
Rita Dominic
Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson
Frank Donga
Frank Donga

More AMVCA 2015_111__360nobs

More AMVCA 2015_20__360nobs
Fathia Balogun
More AMVCA 2015_23__360nobs
Gideon Okeke
More AMVCA 2015_25__360nobs
Dolapo Oni
More AMVCA 2015_28__360nobs
Bolanle Olukanni
More AMVCA 2015_29__360nobs
Gbemi Olateru
More AMVCA 2015_34__360nobs
Fade Ogunro

More AMVCA 2015_36__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_35__360nobs

More AMVCA 2015_37__360nobs
Zainab Balogun
More AMVCA 2015_38__360nobs
Isio Wanogho
More AMVCA 2015_40__360nobs
Isio Wanogho
More AMVCA 2015_41__360nobs
Beverly Naya
More AMVCA 2015_42__360nobs
Damilola Adegbite
More AMVCA 2015_45__360nobs
More AMVCA 2015_46__360nobs
Beverly Osu
More AMVCA 2015_56__360nobs
Mercy Johnson
More AMVCA 2015_57__360nobs
Mercy Johnson
More AMVCA 2015_60__360nobs
Samantha Dimka
More AMVCA 2015_65__360nobs
Tonto Dikeh
More AMVCA 2015_67__360nobs
Tonto Dikeh
More AMVCA 2015_70__360nobs
Emma Nyra
More AMVCA 2015_71__360nobs
Emma Nyra
More AMVCA 2015_72__360nobs
Annie Idibia
More AMVCA 2015_76__360nobs
Olu Jacobs & Joke Silva
More AMVCA 2015_103__360nobs
Ik Osadiohowa & His Wife
More AMVCA 2015_105__360nobs
Mrs Osadiohowa
Nkiru Anumudu
Nkiru Anumudu

More AMVCA 2015_51__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_50__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_54__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_43__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_33__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_31__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_24__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_21__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_92__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_91__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_102__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_101__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_100__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_98__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_97__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_99__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_108__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_109__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_106__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_11__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_10__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_08__360nobsMore AMVCA 2015_09__360nobs

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