Mayweather Vs Pacquiao: Verbal Taunts Begin

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Floyd Mayweather Says He's Set To Fight Manny Pacquiao This Year

The pre-match verbal bashing has begun in the run-in to the eagerly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Manny Pacquiao.

Both boxers have been quiet so far, but the war has been started by Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, who insultingly questioned the abilities of Floyd Mayweather’s cornerman and father, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

According to Roach, Mayweather Jr. would be better off with his uncle, Roger Mayweather, training him.

“My whole thing is, Floyd’s not going to have his best cornerman in his corner because there’s no question in my mind that Roger is the better trainer,” said Roach.

“Floyd got 90 percent of his wins with Roger working with him. Roger is way better. I think Floyd Sr. is a terrible cornerman, I really do. That’s going to work to our advantage on fight night because in the corner, I’m not going to be nervous and I’ll be able to calmly talk to Manny and make whatever adjustments we have to make.

“But Floyd Sr. can’t get his message out in that minute [rest] period. He gets so excited and worked up and he starts to stutter so he can’t give his fighter any useful [information].”



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