May-D’s Baby Mama Accuses Singer Of Domestic Violence [PHOTOS]

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A lady named Debola, who says she’s the baby mama of singer May-D, has accused him of physically abusing her.

In a letter sent to Linda Ikeji, Debola claimed to have been with the Ile Ijo singer for 8 years, supporting him before his career took off.

She said that once he became a star however, he began cheating on her and abusing her.

Now, like most relationships we had major problems which included the frequent cheating and escapades with girls which I obviously endured as I was consumed by the “main chick” title. Not that I was even getting any good thing in return, he never for one day acknowledge me, or made me feel like we were in a relationship together. I had no simple freedom to do whatsoever on my own, be it business, friendship etc.

The thing I couldn’t cope with was the fact that he beat me up at every slightest opportunity he had, he beats me up like a man, he beat me up so badly infront of our little boy all the time. He assaulted me regularly, I suffered domestic violence in silence, and this last time he beat me up so badly and I passed out.. I saw my life flash right infront of me. I witnessed been close to death, I prayed to survive each time he pounced on me, damaging several properties nd breaking diff stuff on my head.

May-D is yet to respond to the allegations.




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