Manny Pacquiao Battling Health Issue Ahead Of Mayweather Fight

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The world is ready for the megafight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, but Pacquiao isn’t quite ready.

The Filipino boxer has been suffering leg cramps, and his coach Freddie Roach is doing all he can to to help the situation.

One of those steps involved purchasing an anti-inflammatory cream for his calves that cost $1,800 for a small tube.

“There’s no magic cure for it,” Roach said of Pacquiao’s cramps. “We’re doing what we can do. I’ve got the doctors working on it. There are some Filipino guys here who are massaging it for him. The cream cost $1,800 for a single bottle. I wasn’t too happy about that.”

Pacquiao however continues to train as hard as ever as he seeks to end Floyd Mayweather’s winning streak.



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