#Ladies Only: Five Signs He Has A Crush On You

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Everyone knows that the male specie is unpredictable given the fact that we are wired to act on the spur of the moment. This is however not new to the female folk as they have seemingly come to understand some of the complexities that surrounds being a man. However, it can be quite difficult for a lady to determine if a man is crushing on them given the kind of conservative culture in our clime of the world which frowns at the female folk coming out to explicitly ask a man out.
However, despite this fact, every lady should know that there are signs that a man would give off to show that he likes you and wants much more than friendship. Whether he is a shy or jovial dude, the signs of crushing are evidently universal and knowing these signs would go a long way in overcoming the fear of urging him on or rejection if you decide to go all out. There are signs (which may be subtle or not) which would tell you he likes you and wants a little more than friendship. These signs are highlighted below

He pays attention
Paying attention to things we hold dear is universally true and men are no exceptions to this fact. If a man is listening attentively and paying undue attention to you even when you know you are spewing gibberish, it is obvious he is crushing on you. While you are discussing, take note of certain things. These include him leaning close to you while you talk and trying to appear broader or larger than he really is. The latter is an “Alpha” male dominance trait which is intended to make him appear strong and protective of you. On the other hand, if he appears to be constantly fidgeting and shifting his weight like he can’t wait to be free of the discussion, he probably doesn’t have a crush on you.

Looks deep into his eyes
Like the saying goes that the eyes hold a million words, same goes for feelings. One of the surest and easiest ways of knowing if a man is crushing on you is to look deep into his eyes. Of course, this cannot be determined just once but a man trying to make repeated eye contact with you is probably crushing on you. While making those attempts, the shy ones may quickly look away as they cannot sustain long gazes with their crush, but this in no way removes the fact that they are crushing on you.

He changes his behaviour around you
If his attitude and behaviour changes the moment you are around, look no further as it is seemingly evident he is crushing on you. However, it is important to note that every man has his own unique method of conveying messages and going about things, this in no way plays down the fact that most guys would change their attitudes around the woman they like. It is however important for the ladies to determine if the attitude or behaviour not shown is a positive or negative one as this would be important if you are considering a serious relationship.

He acts nice around your friends
A guy interested in you would definitely want to create a good impression in front of your friends. So,you can know how much he feels for you by taking note of how he acts and relates with your friends. It is a fact that we men know that the best way to get across to the girl we are crushing on is to go through her close friends. If your friends are impressed with his attitude, then you should know he’s interested in you.

The unmistakable smile
Well, if I’m smiling at a girl a lot, it probably means I’m crushing on her or how else do you explain a guy with a continually broadened face which might cause jaw pains? A guy crushing on you would smile a lot especially when you look in his direction while giving you unlimited time and attention.

He can’t get enough of you
This sign is unmistakable as a guy would continually try all within his power to spend every minute of every hour of every day with his crush. This is so because he can’t seem to sleep without thinking of you and you can pretty much know this by the way he acts around you.

It is my belief that the signs highlighted would be discerning enough for every girl to know if that friend is crushing on her. However, what if you find out you he is crushing but you don’t feel the same way?



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