Kylie Jenner Throws Shade At Blac Chyna On Instagram!

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It’s a fight to finish as Kylie Jenner has gone all out to make Blac Chyna know that Tyga is out of her (Blac’s) life completely.

The two stars appeared to take aim at each other over matching designer watches they each own, seemingly both given to them by rapper Tyga – Blac Chyna’s ex, and Kylie’s supposed current partner.

According to gossip website TMZ, it started Tuesday night when Blac Chyna posted a photo showing off her sick Audemars Piguet watch. It’s pretty clear Tyga gave her the watch back in the day (2013) when they flaunted their matching bling.

A few hours after Blac Chyna posted her timepiece, Kylie posted a pic of her wearing the exact same watch, with the caption “Currently.”

Boom! That is a shot fired. Kylie is clearly saying that Tyga’s time now belongs to her, not Blac Chyna. Is this the first of a new feud between these two. Only time will tell.

Chyna was given her watch by her ex — and Kylie’s current boyfriend — Tyga back in 2013. He even posted them holding hands, the watch clearly around Chyna’s wrist, on his Instagram with the hashtag #BlacLove. Seems Tyga’s fond of giving that type of gift.

LOL, what could be going on here?!

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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