Kunle Afolayan to adapt Yoruba Textbook, ALAWIYE

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Award winning Nigerian movie director Kunle Afolayan seems to have found the story behind his next project if his recent post on his Instagram page is something to go by. The actor/director seems to have got his sight on J.F. Odunjo’s popular Yoruba textbook series Alawiye which has been around for a long time as he revealed in his post that its something he got for his kid and himself.

“Remember this book? Got Primary 1 to 6 for my children and also creating some projects with it.”

While it will be cool to see a movie adaptation of Alawiye, Afolayan, whose recent movie October 1 is still being praised around town, has released a number of animated shorts in the past which makes it likely that the director might actually be working on some short clips like the ones inserted which he will extract from the textbook. Either way, its a cool thing to have books we grew up reading being adapted for the big screen. Wonder if an ‘Ali and Simbi’or a ‘Akin the Drummer boy’ adaptation will be next.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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