Katy Perry Invokes The Business Acumen In Her As She Is Set To Make Money Off SHARKS

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The dancing sharks stole the spotlight during the Super Bowl halftime show and now Katy is set to make money off them.

The left shark became an overnight internet sensation after he appeared to have lost track of dance moves during Katy Perry’s performance at the halftime show and couldn’t keep up with Katy.



Katy Perry Super Bowl Half time


With all of these said, Katy Perry has launched an official ‘left shark’ according to MailOnline. The Teenage Dream star tweeted the news to her delighted followers on Monday evening, advising them to head to her online store and pick up one of the $129.99 onesies.


The By The Grace Of God singer had tweeted an image of a makeshift shark costume, which was accompanied by the message: ‘ATTENTION INTERNET: NO LONGER DO YOU HAVE TO DIY LEFT SHARK COSTUME LIKE THIS GUY’.




As part of her new line of left shark clothing, the pop superstar has also released a T-shirt emblazoned with an image of the left shark, with the words ‘Current Mood’ emblazoned across the front and ‘Katy Perry’ and ‘#leftshark’ on the back. As well as the onesie, Katy is also selling this left shark T-shirt for $25



Is it too expensive? If you are capable of affording this, would you rock it? Express your thoughts in the comments section.


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