Kanye West Admits Nicki Minaj Killed Him On ‘Monster’

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Kanye West has weighed in on his heavy collaboration with Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj on Monster, and has admitted Nicki had the best verse.

Ye made the admission while speaking to students of the Oxford University.

He said:

One of the most memorable things about [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] was Nicki Minaj, and the fact that she kicked my ass, on my own song, on one of the best albums…the best album – I’m just saying what the critics said – of the last 25 years. The best album of the past 25 years that I spent a year and a half making, out there. I was exiled from my country, it was a personal exile, but exile. To come back and deliver my magnum opus of a work, and to be outshined … to be beat by a girl, basically. This was necessary. I think it was one of the most important points of working on that album, was to not stop her from her moment because of how good she is.”



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