Justice Served! The Man Who Killed Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Has Been Arrested

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We reported a few weeks ago how Nicki Minaj’s tour manager was stabbed in a bar which lead to his death a few weeks ago.

Justice has been served!

A Philadelphia man has been charged with the stabbing which happened during an argument over a barmaid.

Pierce Boykin was charged with the murder of 29-year-old De’Von Pickett on Tuesday, Homicide Captain James Clark confirmed.


Pickett – who was Minaj’s tour manager – was stabbed to death in the early hours of Wednesday, February 18, outside a bar in Philadelphia.

Boykin, 31, was originally charged with attempted murder of Parker, but Clark says the murder charge was tacked on after additional evidence pointed to Boykin for both stabbings.

According to NBC 10, the argument began inside Che Bar & Grill in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood.

‘We believe that both of the victims, as well as the perpetrator, were all inside of this bar and that’s when an argument started,’ said Chief inspector Scott Small.

De'Von Pickett (left), Nicki Minaj's tour manager, was stabbed to death last night, while Eric Parker (right), 27, remains in critical condition
De’Von Pickett (left), Nicki Minaj’s tour manager, was stabbed to death, while Eric Parker (right), 27, was left in critical condition

Boykin is in custody, and an attorney for him could not be reached to comment on the charges.


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